Lackawaxen Telecommunications Services is pleased to offer basic telephone service to both our residential and business customers in the community. In addition to basic service, we offer assistance with Lifeline and Link-Up America for those who qualify for these specific programs. While Lackawaxen continually expands its service offerings to keep pace with evolving technology and to meet customers’ varying needs, we have been providing local telephone services to Wayne and Pike counties for over 100 years. We are proud to be your local telecommunications provider.


Local Exchange Touch-Tone Service

Residential — $19.00 per month, unlimited local calling

Business — $17.40 per month, unlimited local calling

  • Prices do not include state and federal taxes or surcharge fees.
  • New accounts are subject to installation charges.

Local exchange (telephone) service is defined as all voice communications using the public telephone network, and includes all incoming and outgoing local voice calls within the 685 exchange area. In addition, Lackawaxen local service also includes: a white page listing in the directory.

Taxes and surcharge fees provide access to telecommunications relay service and access to 911 emergency services.


Helpful Numbers:

General, Billing and Payments, Residential/Business, Toll Inquiries 570-685-7111

Toll Free 800-647-7781

Repair Service 570-685-7117

Yellow Page Advertising 800-258-9498, ext. 7969

Directory Assistance 1 + area code 555-1212 or 411. Charges apply.

Free Directory Assistance log onto:


Paying Your Bill:

You can mail your payment to our business office at:

Lackawaxen Telecommunications Services
P.O. Box 8
Rowland, PA 18457-0008

Or, drop by and make your payment in person at:

Hotel Road (just off of Route 590)
Rowland, Pa 18457

You can pay your bill using your credit card at our business office.
You can also arrange automatic payment of your telephone bill using either your bank account or your credit card account.
Call the business office at 685-7111 during regular business hours for more details.

Lackawaxen’s business hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

  • After normal business hours, you can drop your payment in our secure drop slot located to the right of the entrance.


Lifeline 135 Service

Lifeline 135 Service is available to qualified residential customers to assist with their monthly local dial tone service. If you qualify for Lifeline Service, you will automatically receive a reduction each month of $8.25 off your telephone bill.

  • To find out whether you qualify for Lifeline assistance, customers must fill out standard forms, which are available at the Lackawaxen office, as mandated by the state and federal governments. While Lackawaxen offers this government-based support to our customers, we are not responsible for determining who qualifies for the program, and therefore who will receive assistance. Customers must meet specific, pre-determined regulations in order to obtain assistance with their local telephone service from Lackawaxen. Qualifying is wholly dependent upon these guidelines. For more information about this program, or to apply for assistance, please call or stop by the Lackawaxen office.
If you have any additional questions about Lackawaxen’s local telephone service, please call the office at 570-685-7111, or 1-800-647-7781, or e-mail us at


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