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Respect the privacy of others. Email is not private. Do not post the email you receive from someone on any Newsgroups or Message Boards. Get permission first. This includes forwarding an email to others. Always ask beforehand.

Watch the jokes. Be selective with the jokes you send. Not everyone will have your sense of humor and may actually be offended.

Make use of the BCC field when forwarding. If you are sending an email to a large group of people, put your name only in the TO field, and your recipients in the BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) field. This will keep their names and addresses private. Messages you forward may be sent on to others. This method will ensure that the names and addresses are kept private and will also eliminate the long header at the beginning of your message.

Do not pass on Email Hoaxes. If you believe the message to be untrue and you yourself are not interested, please don’t pass it on to others.

Never Spam. It is a violation of our Internet Policy to send Spam.

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Internet Etiquette
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