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Spam Policy

We do not tolerate Unsolicited Bulk Email (UBE), commonly referred to as spam or junk email. Users of our service must abide by our Acceptable Use Policy, which prohibits the transmission of spam or any activities that facilitate the transmission of spam.

In addition, we consult databases known as Realtime Blackhole Lists (RBLs) to actively block mail sent from known sources of spam, Including those that are deemed to be "spam-friendly", as well as from mail servers that are known open relays. An open relay is an improperly configured server that will relay mail sent from any destination to any destination. Open relays allow for the transmission of bulk email by unauthorized users, while also making the sender harder to track down.

It is our policy to reject mail from any known spam sources listed in our own private block list or in any of the RBL databases to which we subscribe. This policy greatly reduces the amount of spam delivered to our customer base, and reduces the burden on our server, both of which result in better service for end users.

Anyone who attempts to send a message to one of our customers from a blocked server will receive a bounce message that should contain a link to the RBL that is listing that server as a spam source, or a note that says "Too much spam from this address". The sender should forward a copy of the bounced message to the administrator of their mail server.

If the bounce contains a link to an RBL that is blocking that server, the RBL Web site will provide a full explanation of their policy and the actions that the ISP or Server Administrator must take to be removed from the list. We cannot remove blocked servers from any RBLs to which we subscribe. It is the responsibility of the Administrator of the blocked server to take corrective action, and to contact the appropriate RBL to request that their system be tested and removed from the list.


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