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Important Protection against Internet Viruses and Worms

No computer is truly secure. People are coming up with new viruses and worms everyday, and figuring out ways to use security vulnerabilities to their advantage.

It is important that you regularly download Windows Updates to guard against the latest exploits of hackers.

If you do not currently have virus protection on your PC, you can purchase or download from many virus protection companies. Here are a couple of recommended sites: Symantec or McAfee are well known sites. Symantec has created tools to remove the MSBlast worm. In addition, you can download McAfee’s Stinger, which will detect several kinds of worms and viruses in addition to MSBlast.

Customers should also check their PCs to see if they are already infected with any viruses or worms. The anti-virus software makers try to keep up, and they do a great job, but sometimes a virus may get you before they can. Just remember; you can usually fix your computer or get it fixed. If you are hacked or infected with a virus it doesn’t have to ruin everything.

Another form of protection is a personal firewall. There are several free personal firewall programs you can get that will help keep you safe from outside attacks by malicious hackers. These personal firewalls also help keep you safe from some viruses or worms that spread via other internet means.

REMEMBER! keep your software up-to-date! New viruses, worms, and threats appear constantly, and out-of-date software cannot protect you.

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