The Federal Communications Commission has issued an order stating that all telephone accounts must be password protected. This ruling requires that customers initiating calls to our office provide a password prior to us releasing certain information on the customer's account, that has been designated as proprietary by the FCC.

If there is no password attached to the account, or if the caller cannot provide the password, information can only be released by:

• mailing it to the account's address of record
• calling the customer back at the account's phone number of record
• visiting our business office and presenting a valid photo ID

The customer may also be able to retrieve the needed information via their on-line account access. In any case, the person requesting the information must be one of the names listed on the account.

To comply with this FCC ruling, we are taking the following steps:
1.  Customers must designate a password for their account at the
     time a new account is created.
2.  If you visit our office, for any reason, we may ask you to establish
     your password at that time.
3.  Lackawaxen will assign a 4 digit Personal Identification Number
     or PIN to each of our current customer accounts

These PINs will be sent to customers via their monthly telephone bill or by a separate mailing. 

Please safeguard your PIN. You will need this PIN in order to establish a password on your account the next time you have a need to contact us. If you would like to establish your password when you receive your PIN, call our business office at 570-685-7111. Be sure you have both your PIN and a copy of your last telephone bill when you call us. It will only take a few moments on the telephone to establish your password.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

The Lackawaxen Team

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